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How To Create Thousands Of Videos For Free On YouTube

July 15, 2016
create videos on youtube

In this post, we are going to create free videos without filming.  YouTube offers a fantastic, mysterious way to create our videos for free without the need of filming. This is also amazing because YouTube wants us to do this.

Create free videos without filming

After the end of this post, you will be able to create free videos. You will learn the tools that you need to create this videos, and also how to create your first video. Let’s start!

Head over to the YouTube video editor, you can access it by going to  Over here we are going to see how we can create our videos. Let me go first thru the six features before I show you how you can create your videos.

Over here you will find the videos of your channel where you can play with them and change the audio and so on. In the camera icon you can upload pictures and create videos in a short time with just your photos, then we have an audio icon where we can select some music, but I will go into the music in much detail later.

Then we have this editing image where we can do a lot of transitions to our videos; this is superb, and you want to have transitioned to make your videos smoother and enjoyable and also with this icon you can add a lot of titles to your film.

youtube editor final create free videos

Creative Common Videos

Then we have this button on the “CC”. The “CC” stands for Creative Common Videos, which allows us to re-use the movies from other youtube users under the creative common license.

This is a fantastic feature to create free videos because you don’t need a camera or anything, you can just select a lot of creative commons videos and make a film out of them by editing them and adding some music and titles. There are millions of videos from creative commons that we can use.

youtube video creation create free videos

In this tutorial, we are going see a quick example of how to create videos with creative commons. For this example, I’m going to create a video, and the subject is going to be the soccer player Lionel Messi.

I’m going to search for creative commons videos Messi goals, here you can see all the videos that we can use related to Lionel Messi. You can scroll up and down and see all the related videos within my search.

youtube creative commons create a free youtube video create free videos

Editing the video

For this example I’m going to select a few videos, then I’m going change the length of the videos, after that I’m going to add crossfades in between the videos, some titles and then some music. Remember to remix you videos as much as you can. Ok, so I’m going to select a video and drag it to the timeline to edit it. We can see the preview of this video and shorten the video if we want by moving the blue handles at the beginning and end of the clip.

We can make modification to the edition to the clip; go to quick fixes where we can change the brightness of the clip for example, then filters if we want it in black and white, titles if we want to add a title in the clip and audio if I want to edit the volume. I’m going to click on the auto fix and then close the clip here to go back again to select more videos.
Ok, guys, I’ve picked four videos, and I’m changing the length of each, remember that you want to remix your videos as much as you can.  And for this example, I’m going to lower the volume in all of them because I want to show you later a better way to edit your audio that you can monetize.

edit a video with youtube create free videos

Next, I’m going to add crossfades to each clip because I want to have a nice transition from clip to clip. It will not only will good look on the video, but it will show it in a more enjoyable way to the viewer.
After that I’m going to select a few titles, I want to add a title at the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the clip. I’m going to drag the title to the beginning and here I can edit my title.

Adding an intro and outro to videos

Intro and Outro are a great tool to use when we create free videos. For this example, since I’m talking about Messi I know that all Messi fans want to see a nice intro, so I’m going to put Messi, the king of soccer. Again, play around with the settings and see which options suits better for your video. In this example, I’m going to leave the black background and white letters.

Then ill do the same and select another title and place it in the middle, here I put “amazing goals”.
And then at the end, I put another title that says subscribe to see more goals. Again, this is a quick example to show you all the features; you want to change your film as much as you can to make it look great. Now that I have remixed the film and I can see it more time, if you are happy with the results, you can save it or keep working on it. I’m going to create the video.

create a video on youtube editor create free videos

Adding Music to video

After you click to create the video, a window is going to pop up telling you that your video is processed, this is going to take a few minutes depending the length of your video so be patient until your video is up.
After you created the video want you to want to do is to save it as private and click save changes.
Now that the video is done, we are going to add music. Click on the audio icon.

Here right next to the video you can see featured tracks that you can select, also you can go here and choose a variety of musical choices according to your video. You can also go to music search box where you can select over 150,000 songs.

For this example I will select a dance song. You can see below here a whole list, but I want to emphasise on this little icon right next to the track, here it says that this record in not eligible for monetization. So what we want to do, we want to untick the options “show add supported songs”, and here you can see all the tracks that can be used if we want to monetize our videos.

I’m going to select a track, and I’m going to click on position audio to select whereI want to place my track. With the handles, I can shorten my sound if I want and drag it and place it anywhere in the clip. Now after we made all the changes we can click save or revert to the original but I’m going to click save to finish my creative common video about Lionel Messi.

add music to video create free videos

After that, we can finally see the movie that we made about Lionel Messi.

final video create free videos

watch the video tutorial: How to create free youtube videos



Again, create free videos! Take advantage of creative common videos and start creating thousands of videos for free without the need of a camera. Continue to the next part of the YouTube Tutorial where we will see some pro techniques to create amazing videos.
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