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Etsy SEO Tips to Increase Traffic to Your Shop

September 5, 2016

In this post, you will learn how to optimize your Etsy shop so people can search you on both Etsy and Google.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This means getting found on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Why is this important? It is one of the most important things to optimize your shop because if you don’t do it, people will never find you either if it is in the Etsy search or by the search engines. If your shop is optimized, your listings will show up in the search engines results, and this will only be based on what the search engine considers most relevant to users.

We will focus on Google since it’s the most popular search engine. Let’s go step by step for better optimization.

First, go to Google AdWords keyword planner. You will need a Gmail account to access to Google AdWords.  To access click on the following link:


Once you are logged in, go “tools” and on the left side, you will find a set of options.

Click on search for new keywords and ad group ideas.


You have to type in the keywords of your niche and see if they keywords that you already have are popular. You need to find out what is people searching on Google when they are trying to buy the product of your niche.

In the example below, you can see the phrases relevant to the search “handmade jewelry.”  You can notice the difference with all the phrases and what people is searching the most when they are on Google.

Type in different words of your niche and put together the most important ones, the phrases that are more relevant.


Now that you have selected the most relevant keywords of your niche in Google go to Etsy and find what people is searching the most on the Etsy search bar.

To do this go to:

Over here you will have an idea of how attractive or competitive is a keyword for your industry.

In the example below, you can notice the what people on Etsy search the most when they are looking for the keyword “bridal.” This list is telling you what is the average cost per click to advertise for top spots on Etsy. The most expensive “cost per click” are the most valuable keywords.

In the example, you can see that people search the most: bridal bracelet, bridal clutch, bridal gift, bridal lingerie and bridal robe.

When you are doing your listings, you will want to have the top keywords on your 13 tags.


Now that you have your most important and relevant keywords is time to optimize your shop. One of the most important things to get found on Google and Etsy is to add the most relevant keyword of your niche on your store name. If you are selling handmade jewelry and you know that the phrase searches by millions of people, then you tweak this sentence adding something else.

In the example below, the Etsy shop sells handmade jewelry. Instead of adding the name of the company, the name of the store was changed to wire handmade jewelry since that’s what the company sells and the keywords are relevant.

To get a huge effect on your ranking from the start, set up your Etsy shop URL, title and welcome paragraph with your shop title.


Now that you have optimized your Etsy shop title is time to put the most important and relevant keywords in your niche in your Etsy shop announcement.

To do this go to “info and appearance”.


On your shop announcement, Google will only read the first 160 characters.

You MUST put your most important and relevant keywords or phrases here!

Separate them with commas, and remember to put only the most relevant and pertinent keywords in your niche, what shoppers will search to find your items.  This will create a meta description for your page that will appear as a text shown under your page title.

But don’t stop there, on your shop announcement write first your string of important and relevant keywords and then write about your company, the process of your product, why you love what you do. Summarize it in a story that you will connect with your clients and they will fell trust from your shop.


In the example below, you can see a shop that hasn’t been optimized. Therefore, their clients will never be able to find their products.


The next thing you want to do now that you are on info and appearance is to set up your social media accounts. Etsy allows the shops to link their Facebook and Twitter account to the store. This is vital to have since everybody that gets into your store page will be able to follow your social media accounts and keep updated with all the information you have.


Look at the image below and see how Facebook and Twitter were added to the shop.


After you have completed all the information on “info and appearance”, you will see that on the left side you can change the sections.

Sections are critical because they help you organize better your shop so clients can find easily what they are looking.  Click on the sections to optimize your settings.



Take a look at the picture on your right.

Here you can see a correct use of important and relevant keywords that were used to organize the shop sections.

This is important to show since this are the keywords that clients are typing when they are searching for your products. So, you need to get creative and always put the most relevant keywords.

Right now you are allowed to have up to ten shop sections. In the example on the right, you can see that the store has optimized their shop sections and also used the ten shop sections.


Now let’s talk about a bad example of a shop section. On the picture, you can notice that every keyword has been separated. For some shop owners, this might look cool, for Etsy and Google is not. By separating your section characters, you are making it hard for Etsy and Google to read and index your shop section.

Let’s take the word Leggins; here it appears as   L E G G I N G S. When Etsy and Google look over your shop sections they will only be able to rank you, for one thing, the letter L.

So always check your spelling and keep the characters together like: LEGGINS.

For better optimization put only the most important and relevant keywords.


Before moving on, let’s take a look at this Etsy shop to see how good optimization it has.