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How Crucial Is To Know Your Competition To Get More Website Traffic

July 14, 2016

Learn the best way to know your competition. We’ll show you how to do it with a few free internet tools with some real examples on how to do it.

How Crucial is to Know your Competition

Hi guys, welcome again. In this lecture, we will learn how crucial is to know your competition to drive more and more traffic to your website. We will analyze this with a few free internet tools, and also we are going to see a few examples to know better how to take advantage of these tools. Let’s begin,

First of all, we need to understand that knowing our competition is essential for us to drive more traffic. By knowing all the details about your competitors you can know the target audience, where these people are coming from where they go after, how longer they stay on the website, how many visitors does this site have every month and so on.

We are going to see first the tools that we will be using, and later I’m going to show an example of how I analyze my competition to know which audience should I target and where can I get more visitors to my site.

I’m going to use two essential tools to analyze my competition. The first one is the website, here I can get how popular is a site; I can see engagement reports and also audience demographics. The second tool is the website, here I can see an overview of how the website is ranked globally and also in the ranked in their country of origin. I can also see how many visitors they receive on a monthly basis. From which countries is this website most visited, from which websites are these people coming from, where they after, the organic keywords that this site is ranked for, how social the website is, for example, is there more people coming to this site from youtube, facebook or twitter. And also I can see similar webs to this website.

Let’s start with an example of how I analyze a site to get the most traffic. Let’s say that I want to sell products as an affiliate. I will go to and go to the marketplace, and here at the market, I can see that the dating site is an excellent niche to profit. I have two option to promote I can sell a product as an affiliate for women or men. Let’s see both examples.

I went thru ClickBank, and I have two websites that I’m going to promote products as an affiliate. The first one is that targets men, and teaches them how to get women, and the second one is and objectives women and tells them how to get men.

I’m going to go step by step. First, let’s analyze I’m here at, and I typed in I can see that it’s a popular website has 360.000 views per month. Also, I understand that if I sell products from this site as an affiliate, I should target United States, India, Egypt, Germany and Brazil if I want to make money.

I can see here where the people is coming from and where they go after they visit the website, so what I want to do is go to the sites that the people are coming from to understand more the audience and know better how to sell the product and bring more traffic to my affiliate site.

Then and also most importantly I can get the most relevant keywords that the people type in when they search for this website.  Then I see that most of the people are coming from YouTube and Facebook, so I have to promote on those two sites to get more traffic. And also what I want to do after is to navigate on every page that is related to so I can see their competition craft a good report and get more insights.

So after I take a look at all this, I placed in an Excel sheet, so I have all the details that I want to craft my marketing plan in the best way possible.

We are going to see know how popular is the other dating niche that ClickBank has that is to target women. We are going to see now the website that I selected to promote that is I’m here at similar web, and I know that is not as popular as the tao of bad ass. It has 75.000 views per month, but a few months ago the site had over a quarter million views per month which tell me that the website is not as popular as before, and I won’t get the hype of traffic that I would of get months ago. Most of the girls that visit this website come from United States, Philippines, and the United Kingdom so I should target those places if I am going to sell products as an affiliate. Then we can see from which websites the people come from and where they go after, the most relevant keywords, and I can see that the site gets heavy traffic from Facebook so I should promote it over there.

Lastly, I’m going to go and see some insights about these two sites that I’m going to promote I want to see how they rank and also which is the target audience.

I do the same that I did before, and I put all this information nicely in an excel sheet. By having this information, I can make my websites and see which countries should I target, which is the audience that I should sell for, and also I know that if promote this two websites I have more chances of making money as an affiliate with rather than with

Ok,  guys, this wraps up the lecture. Thanks again for watching and remember to use this tools to have better analyzes of your competition to get more traffic to your site. In the next lecture, we will learn how to index and track our website. Stay tune and ill see you in the next conference.


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