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SEO Tutorial: Article Marketing and Its Power

July 14, 2016
SEO Tutorial Part 8 Article Marketing and Its Power

In this post, you will learn why you should apply Article Marketing to your marketing strategy. What is Article Marketing, how it works and the power that has to get more traffic.

Article Marketing and Its Power

For years, article marketing is proven to be a highly effective online marketing strategy. It is a powerful online marketing tool that can drive massive traffic to your website for free. If you want to maximize the potential of your site to get as much traffic as it can, consider implementing article marketing in your online traffic generation strategies.

The primary goal of article marketing is to attract readers to visit your official website with the help of the resource box. The resource box enables you to promote your website by placing a link to your articles which in turn will lead them to your main site.

The more informative and helpful your articles are, it is more likely that the more individuals will click your link in the resource box. As a result, the more traffic you can have for your website.

Here are a few reasons why you should use article marketing in your traffic generation efforts:

  1. Article marketing is 100% free. The only thing you have to put in is your time.
  2. Generates traffic for years to come which you couldn’t stop even if you wanted to.
  3. When you write good quality articles about a topic, you are knowledgeable in you will be viewed as a person of authority.
  4. Having read your top quality articles other marketers in your niche could approach you for a joint venture option as you are seen as an expert in your marketplace.
  5. Your content gets picked up by other site owners and can put it on their site which gives your article, and website link, the chance to go super viral.

The list goes on. But articles have to be structured correctly to have the right impact on your prospects, so we are going to see some tips for writing great articles.

ezine articles article marketing

Write articles for your readers

Do not write your articles for the search engines, write them for your readers. Do not overstuff them with keywords so they do not make any sense

You need to provide useful information and add a lot of value; readers will be more likely to finish your article and end up at your resource box which is where your website link will be.

Keywords are critical but don’t go overboard and target long tail keywords (3 words or more) to increase your chances of ranking for those terms. Articles should be about 500 words, any shorter and the directories won’t accept them and much longer you could potentially put readers off before they start if your article has 2000 words. People have short attention spans, and you would have to be very smart to keep their interest for that long. A 500-word article would have your main keyword placed around 4-5 times, once in every element of your story.

Write your article as if you are speaking directly to your reader, this will bring the relationship you have with your reader much closer and if they connect with you on a personal level they are more likely to want to know more about you.

link on article article marketing

Craft your article

Check your spelling and grammar; there is nothing worse than destroying your credibility with a few spelling mistakes. It makes you look unprofessional and with some article directories, there is no taking them down once they are published.

It is important to know the top elements that you need to craft in your article before you begin to write it. These are:

  • Headline
  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Summary
  • Resource box

Submit your articles

Now you have your articles created you have to get them submitted to article directories. These registers vary in popularity, but some good ones to use are:

There are hundreds more out there and if you do a search in google for ‘article directories’ you will get a lot more showing up and these are popular if they are ranking well in Google.

article city article marketing

go articles article marketing


Watch the video tutorial: Article Marketing and Its Power



In the next lecture, we will learn why is it important to submit your articles into blog carnivals and why this will bring us more traffic.
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