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Social Media Tutorial How to Get Traffic to Your Website With Delicious

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial How to Get Traffic to Your Website With Delicious

Learn how to get advantage of the social bookmark Delicious in order to drive targeted traffic to your website.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website With Delicious

Delicious also known as formerly is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks.

Delicious, which has a page rank of 7, is a great social bookmarking site with lots of traffic.

delicious website about final

But how do I get the most out of Well, writing a great title for your content is what’s going to make the difference when it comes the time for the user to bookmark what your story is about. But doesn’t stop there. You also need a good description and also great tags that can help to have more visibility when the user is looking for something that you might have. This way it’s easier for the user to find the content that you submit on

Share and Participate

Like with the other social bookmarks you need to be an active user and participate frequently.  Make friends on delicious and build a network around this social bookmark. Friends can have a powerful influence in terms of drawing attention to bookmark submissions.

delicious site trending Toolbar

Also, you need to make sure that you use the bookmark toolbar. When you download and install the Delicious toolbar for your personal browser, this allows you to create new bookmarks, manage, and tag them, without necessarily going to the Delicious website.

delicious on google chrome

Watch the video tutorial: How to Get Traffic to Your Website With

Ok guys, this wraps up the entire section of social media and social bookmarks. Again thanks so much for watching all this lectures. We really appreciate the time that you took to learn everything. Now is the time to take action and apply all the tools you have learned. In the next section we will reach the end of the course with our conclusion and final thoughts. Stay tune and I will see you guys in the next section.