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Social Media Tutorial: The Hidden Benefits of Flickr

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial The Hidden Benefits of Flickr

Learn everything you need to know about Flickr, how to use it and how we can get a lot of traffic from it.

The Hidden Benefits of Flickr

Flickr is an image hosting site owned by Yahoo. With over 92 million users, Flickr is a fantastic site where you can place photos of your products and share them with the world.

A great benefit from this website is that you can join groups related to your industry and drive traffic to your business.

Every time that you upload a photo make sure you leave a nice description with your website link to drive more traffic and let the viewers know where they can purchase your items or see more of your content.

flickr explore site

Flickr Groups

Remember to join as many groups as you can and be active on them with your postings.

Properly tag and organize your photos, this way your profile will look more professional and it will be easy for people that are searching pictures on your profile.

flickr group member

Add your photos

Since Flickr has a page rank of 9, this will benefit us a lot with backlinks. Don’t forget to add your anchor text to increase the traffic to your website. This will generate traffic from Flickr as well as building your brand at the same time.

Go to “tools”, here you can add your photos manually and also download third party plugins to upload pictures from your desktop.

Again remember that if you have pictures you cannot ignore using Flickr to drive more traffic to your site.

flickr tools

Watch the video tutorial: The Hidden Benefits of Flickr



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