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Social Media Tutorial: Google Plus Secrets To Increase Website Traffic

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial Google Plus Secrets To Increase Website Traffic

In this Key Lecture, you will find all you need to know about Google Plus, why you need understand how it works and how this social channel can help us drive more traffic to our website.

Google Plus Secrets To Increase Website Traffic

The first question that may come to your mind might be why Google Plus? Well, prior to Google Plus, businesses relied on a mix of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other services to promote their brand and interact with others.

But none of them can provide what google plus has to offer which is connecting with people in a rich and meaningful way using a complete set of tools. What do I mean by this is that Google’s vision for Google plus was much greater than just creating yet another social network. Instead they envisioned Google plus to be the social glue that ties the entire Internet together.

google plus on phone

In Google plus, we can take advantage of their tools such as the communities, events, pages and hangouts to drive more traffic to our website.

Google plus might not be the most popular site but one thing to take in mind is that is owned by Google and it would only makes sense that google wanna take into account social signals from their own social network more than any other social site out there when deciding where to rank your site in the search engines. Also take in mind that google plus is hitting high and by 2016 the importance of this social channel is going to grow considerably so must take action now and use google plus a lot.

google plus site

Google Plus Circles

In order to get traffic to your website using “Google +” what you want to do first is to have friends on google plus or how they called them “circles”. In order to have more circles do a search and be creative on what you put related to your niche, see the people that have the most friends following them, add that person and add their friends. This way they will follow you back.

You can only follow up to 5000 people and the goal here is to grow our circles. You need know to make a plan consisting on posting relevant information in your google plus page, adding a description with your link. The best way to add content is by uploading pictures. So you need to upload content, share it with your circles,  and then add people and keep repeating the process. But again take in mind that all of your content is public so you want to make sure that you upload relevant content on your google plus page.

Then you can also create a page and upload all this content, then switch back to your personal page and share your page with your circles. This way they will see it and share it and you will end up getting traffic to your site.

google plus circles

google plus page

Google Plus Communities

Also search the communities related to your niche, all of them they have their restrictions so don’t spam on them. Post relevant pictures and add a nice description to it. What you want to here is to join the communities with the most members and most post. You can do a manual search and look out for them and also you can go to and see the most followed communities.

google plus communities

You can also make events and invite your circles this way you will engage more with them and if you post your site you will end up getting traffic to it.

google plus adding people

Google Plus Hangouts

Then doing the same process you want to create also hangouts. Hangouts are live, multi-person video conferences between Google Plus users. These are great, because they can be used for webinars, and you can get a lot of people together at once.

Hangouts are great for making presentations to your audience. Be sure to put together an outline or script before you begin to eliminate a lot of the “ums” and “uhs” you might get otherwise, and schedule the webinar a day or two in advance to give people plenty of time to clear their schedules.

One major reason you should use Hangouts is because you can get live feedback from the other people who attend the video chat. This allows you to figure out what people want to know without having to ask them upfront.

Additionally, it allows you to make a physical presentation by showing real world examples of what you’re talking about. This could be especially helpful for live how-to demonstrations where you want to demo a product or share your screen.

Hangouts offer a level of human contact a standard chat never could, and they can be an excellent marketing tool if used properly.

Morover, you can upload your hangouts to your youtube account so you will end getting more views which equals more traffic, so it’s a win win to use hangouts.

google plus hangouts

Customize your posts

Lets see a few great tips to apply in our google plus posts. You can highlight relevant text to grab the attention of the readers. To make your text bold place an asterix at the beginning and end of the text that you want to make bold.

To make your text in italics place an underscore at the beginning and end of your text. You can also send email to get more attention from your readers. You can do this on your post by ticking the option also send email.

Lastly make use of hashtags because it helps you to target your audience on a wider scale.

google plus tips

google plus tips two

Google Plus Directories

A few sites to take a look at when you are Building Targeted Circles that you can find within your niche market is by going to the website

You can also find a few directories in the website

With, you can add your Google plus account by copy and pasting in your Google plus ID, which is a string of numbers associated to your account.

And also if you want to submit your google plus hangout besides uploading the video to YouTube is that you can submit it by going to the the website

google plus directories

Google Plus Button

Lastly, don’t forget to add the G plus button on your site. One of the most powerful aspects of Google plus is the +1 function. This allows individuals to “+1” content they like which has the potential to make your marketing go viral through Google plus users.

google plus button

Watch the video tutorial: Google Plus Secrets To Increase Website Traffic



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