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Social Media Tutorial: How to Take Advantage of Instagram

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial Instagram Hashtags

In this Lecture, you will learn the power of Instagram, how to take advantage of #Hashtags and some free incredible tools that will help you find your right audience.

How to Take Advantage of Instagram

Instagram is a photo sharing mobile application. This essential marketing tool is a powerful way to market your products as well as connecting with customers or future customers. To use Instagram, you will need an Iphone, Ipad or Android device. The application is free and within seconds you will be able to connect your brand to new sources of traffic. By using Instagram, you will instantly put the face of your company and be able to connect with customers in a different way.

Instagram is a fun pocket size gallery that you can use anytime. You can also have access from your desktop and share your photos with your clients, friends and family. Very easy to use, you can invite friends from your Facebook account and also from your phone contacts and also by searching for people on Instagram.

leo messi instagram

But, why is Instagram necessary to drive more traffic to your website? Well, let’s just say that every company is visual, photos are the number shared element across social media sites, and Instagram has over 300 million monthly active users. In addition to this, more than 75 million people use Instagrams every day, so there is a lot of traffic on Instagram that you can benefit.

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Instagram Hashtags

On Instagram, people can feel the real personal experience with a brand, and you can connect and engage quickly with people from all over the world by using “#hashtags.” This pound symbol gathers search results into relevant categories and conversations on Instagram.

Hashtags are critical because the variety of hashtags that you use when you upload your picture influences the audience that wants to target.

But why hashtags are so important? Well, they can help you to curate content, to research material, to learn about a market, to promote your products, to promote your brand and to manage your reputation.

Hashtags are metadata – that’s important to remember, because from an SEO standpoint – metadata tells search engines what a piece of content is about.

instagram hashtags
Customize your Instagram

Now that we know a little more about Instagram, we need to grow our followers to drive more traffic to our website. By having a massive amount of followers you engage in a different way with your customers and every time you post a new pic advertising a product or something interesting they feel motivated to learn more thus they visit your website.

Make sure that you upload a great profile pic, good description on your site and post regularly quality pictures with their story link to a site and also make use of hashtags to connect with more people and to get discovered.

Finding others to connect with is easy: post an update with a hashtag, or search for that hashtag to see what others are saying about the subject.

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Interaction on Instagram

Start liking, commenting and adding people related to your niche, study well your competition and you will soon get more followers. Some hashtag to include when you are uploading pictures to get more followers are the ones that are the most popular. But which ones are they? Well, to name a few we have the hashtags:

  • love
  • instagood
  • me
  • tbt (which stands for throwback Thursday)
  • cute
  • follow
  • followme
  • photooftheday
  • happy
  • tagforlikes
  • beautiful
  • girl
  • like
  • selfie
  • pic of the day
  • summer
  • fun
  • smile
  • friends
  • like4like
  • instadaily
  • instalike
  • fashion
  • food

instagram follow me

instagram hashtag like for like

Instagram Memes

Also, make use of memes to share something funny or an inspirational quote. These types of posts are viral and can get you a lot of followers. In addition to this also use videos to share something new that is happening in a different way. 9Gag uses a combination of all these in a smart way, they combine from videos to funny and cute pictures, to something that is trending at the moment. They make sure they connect in a way the users will not only like their post but also comment on it.

instagram memes

Promote Your brand

On Instagram, You can promote anything that your company might be doing. You can take advantage of this and tell the story behind your brand, showcase how you make the products, the process, the material, the final result and so on.

Always balance fun images with product pictures and use a variety of hashtags so you can be found on any search related to your product or image you are posting.

Again, make use of relevant content on your post, engage with your audience in a different way, don’t market your products, try to show the other side of the company. This way you will connect more with your audience, and you will end up getting more traffic. Like Youtube and Pinterest, Instagram has its culture, and the more you navigate and investigate which hashtags are more relevant for you more traffic you will get.

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Instagram Tools

A few tools on the internet to use to power up your Instagram game are here you can see the analytics of your Instagram, comment on your pics, like, follow and unfollow people.

Also, to upload pics from your computer and schedule your posts. to organize your photos and discover more people.

Lastly, for hashtags we can go to here you can copy and paste the most popular hashtags that get followers and also where you can see the most popular hashtags from different niches.

instagram iconsquare

instagram top hashtags


Watch the video tutorial: How to Take Advantage of Instagram


Again, take advantage of the power of Instagram and connect with your audience in a different way. In the next lecture we will learn why we need to start using Google Plus and how they can benefit us in order to get more traffic to our website.
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