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Social Media Tutorial: How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Reddit

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Reddit

In this Lecture, you’ll learn all you need to know about Reddit to apply effective strategies to drive massive traffic to our website.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website With Reddit

Reddit is a social bookmarking site where anybody can submit a link on any topic that they like where other people can vote for links that they like. Then, links that get a lot of votes get to the front page of Reddit and these posts are seen by a lot of people.

reddit site


Reddit is broken down into many many categories called subreddits. There are tons of subreddits, and if you search on Reddit, you can find a subreddit related for example to bitcoins. I’m here at the subreddit which is , and as you can see the most popular subreddits are listed along the top of the site.

reddit bitcoin

Customize your posts

But how do we start on Reddit? Well first create an account and start voting and commenting on other posts, do this for a few days to look good in the eyes of Reddit. Spend a lot of time in Reddit and see the titles of the people that leave their links.

reddit upvotes example

Reddit Titles

Once you have this, post your first link. Here, the most important thing is to place a catchy title that will grab the attention of the Reddit users.

Once you have done this place, the URL related to your title. The idea here is to post and do a lot of iteration and see which ones work and which ones doesn’t work. Once you have the idea, keep submitting more.

reddit catchy title

Sumit to Reddit

A few things to take into consideration are that you don’t want to follow and submit your link in subreddits that have a lot of followers because it will get harder to show up in the first positions because of the competition that you are going to have. Remember that the key here is to place a link that will get the attention of users and we need it to get a lot of votes plus comments to raise into the top positions.

submit reddit

Reddit Videos

The great thing about Reddit is that you will not only get traffic from people commenting and voting but also you will get backlinks from a high authority website which will rank your website even better in the search results.

Another amazing way to get traffic thru Reddit is with videos. Please head over to the YouTube Tutorial Part 17 of the YouTube section where we explain in detail how to do it.

reddit videos

Watch the video tutorial: Drive Traffic to Your Website With Reddit



In the next lecture, we will learn about the social bookmark Digg and how we can use it to drive more traffic to our website.
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