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Social Media Tutorial More Twitter Followers and Easily Manage Your Account

August 15, 2016
Social Media Tutorial The Power of Twitter and How to Get More Followers

In this Lecture you will learn how to get the feed of others Twitter accounts into your account by using Yahoo Pipes. Also a pro-tip on how to get more followers and how to manage your Twitter account.


Hi guys welcome again. In this second part of Twitter we will learn how to get tweets from other accounts to our account, a pro tip on how to get more followers and how to manage your Twitter Account. Lets begin,

Now that we know the right and basic tools to apply to our twitter activity you might be wondering well how can I post more stuff on my twitter account if I run out of ideas when I have to diversify my tweets. Well, here is an answer. You can use this tip for your twitter account if you want to make money or if not if you just want to have more tweets and diversify them all.

What I mean by this is that for example you have twitter account that is based on relationship tips or inspiration quotes, or food recipes, or ways to make money online, any niche that you are this tip can help you in one way or the other. Here we will learn how to get the RSS feed from other accounts and have their tweets on our account. And not only we are going to have the clean tweets, we will also automate them to have them every 3, 6 or 12 hours depending what we want. Now before we start a few things to consider, at the beginning use this only to show one tweet every 12 hours it will look like spam if not. Also, make sure that the account that you are going to get is related to your niche.

Ok lets start, in this example that im going to show you im going to get inspirational quotes to appear on this twitter account that is related to jewelry. The idea here is to diversify on the tweets but you can use it other ways too. First, you need to have a gmail and yahoo account. Once you have those two, what you want to do is head over to the website here we are going to create a twitter app. Next, enter a name, description and website for your for twitter app. For this example im gonna put RSS feed jewelrt for the name, the description will be rss feed for jewelry twitter, I will put a website and next and this is important you are going to copy and paste this link in the call back url which is  This link means that we are going to use a spreadsheet in google. Don’t worry because you are going to have all this links with you in your notes. Then we are going to agree on the developer application and create our twitter application. And that’s it your app is created but whats next. Well, now that we have our twitter app, we are going to open a new window and copy and paste this link. This is the full code of the twitter rss feed, over here we are going to change the consumer key and consumer secret with the one that is provided from the twitter app that we have just created. We go to the twitter app setting and click on keys and access tokens, over here we are going to copy the consumer key and replace it for the one that is on the google spreadsheet. Then we are going to copy the consumer secret and paste into the google spreadsheet replacing the one that was before. Now after you have done that follow this steps, go to file and click save all, then click save new version, its going to appear the email that you are saving on, and click okay.

Then go to publish and click deploy as web app, and here where it says who has access to this app, click the third option that is anyone, even anonymous. Then click Deploy and now the project has been deployed as a web app. Click ok, and now we what to run this app. So go to Run and click Start. Its going to ask you twice for authoutization, click continue and authorizate and that is it for this step now the app is running.

Now what you need to do is go to your email, and  you are going to receive 4 links, copy and paste the one that says twitter timeline for labnol. Now as you can see at the end of the link we want to take out labnol and replace it by the twitter user name that we are going to get the tweets from. This step is important, head over to the twitter accounts that you want to get the tweets from. In this example I want to run on my twitter account that im using as an example the tweets of the account inspirational quotes. In the browser copy and paste the user name as highlighted here and replace it for the user Labnol. Copy and paste this whole link with the twitter user name at the end of the link, and paste it into a new window. Here you will get the twitter timeline RSS feed of all the tweets from Inspirational Quotes.

Now the last thing that we want to do in order to have all those tweets in our twitter account showing up as if we have wrote them is to go to the following website which is

Here we are going to build a system of pipes with yahoo where we are going to remove everything that we don’t want like a re tweet or a mention or a link in order to have a nice clean tweet showing up in our twitter account.

Now, here at the website we are going to click on create a pipe. We are going to take from the left menu the fetch feed and drag it to the center. Here as you can see you have the URL fetch feed and also a pipe output. We are going to paste the new link that we have and click the pipe out and as you can see down below we can see all the tweets from inspirational quotes. We can also add several URLs but for this example im going to use only one. We are going to connect both pipes. But now as you can see I still don’t have my clean tweet so im going to disconnected from the pipe out and bring to the center from the operators menu the regex. Here we are going to set some rules in order to have a clean twit.

Our first rule is going to the that in the title we don’t want to have the phrase inspirational quotes, so we copy everyting including this little space and put it on replace. So our first order is that in the title we replace the phrase inspirational quotes with anything and here leave everything in blank. Now we are going to connect all the pipes and as you can see the phrase is not there anymore, but I still don’t have my clean tweet. So next im going to disconnected from the pipe out and drag the filter option. Here im going to set some rules. Im going to block the items that contains the at, the RT and the http. First select title and the you want to put the at symbol, you want to block this. Next we are going to do the same and add title and block the RT and then title and block HTTP. Now we are going to connect all the pipes and to make the pipes look good we are going to click here on layout.  Now as you can see we have a nice and clean tweet that we are going to use in our tweeter account. But I want to change the order of appearance of the tweets so I drag to the center the option sort and select pub date in ascending order.

After that connect the pipes and see the changes, and now click save, give it a name and it will take you to a new screen. Here you can see the list of clean tweets that we are going to use. But how, ok now for the final step go to and create new feed, we are going to give it a name in this case the same one from the pipes that we created and in the link we are going to go to the pipes again and click get RSS feed, here copy the entire link in your browser paste into the twetterfeed and click test, it will tell you everything is okay but you want to put some advance settings. First you want to set up the frequency in which this tweets are gonna appear in your twetter account, for this example im going to put 12 hours and the post should include the title only. The untick the link option. On post sorting click pubdate and select Guid and untick the feed is sorted. Now choose the twitter account, authorize it and click create service. And that’s it you will have the tweets showing up every 12 hours in your account.

Lastly before we wrap up this video we are going to see to more tips, one to get more followers and another to organize everything well.

With this technique we can have more followers but they are not going to be targeted followers as we saw on the lecture twitter part one. But if you just want to have more followers you can do this. Go to

There you will find list of top 100 twitters with most followers. Select 10 people that you wanna target, or in other words 10 people that you want to follow. Open 10 tabs and in each tab you must follow have each profile. Now here is the TRICK, every time you follow someone your name comes on top of their list of followers, so anyone who is following them will follow you, anyone who is following their followers will follow you first, anyone checking their profile will check your profile, anyone that sees their twit see yours first, so if you have 10 profiles and you keep following and unfollowing them every 5 minutes within 10 minutes you will have a few hundred people following you.

Lastly for organization, you can use hootsuite. Im here at the website, in the dashboard connect your twitter account, and here you can make tweets and schedule them to see when they are going to appear. Also you can create tabs and see who mentions you and also who re tweets your twits as well as watching your timeline too.

Ok guys this is it for this video. Again thanks so much for watching. In the next lecture we will learn how to get traffic from Pinterest. Stay tune and I will see you in the next lecture.