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SEO Tutorial: Get More Website Traffic From Podcasts Now

July 14, 2016
SEO Tutorial Part 10 Traffic from Podcasts

To get the most website traffic from podcasts now, we need to ask ourselves what is Podcasting and how it works and why should we use it.

Well, podcasting is a method of publishing and circulating audio content via the internet. The unique process of podcasting is its subscription model through syndication methods, which allows distributing audio information. This is great because people can access to podcasts anytime, anywhere and listen to the audio that you provide.

Imagine those people that are at their jobs they don’t have time to read your articles. Instead, you can reach them thru audio podcasts; this is great because some people they prefer to listen than to read.

Website Traffic from Podcasts

Now you might be asking yourself which audio can I submit. Well, here you can submit a podcast about the articles that you have in your blog, an interview that you made or some tips that can benefit the people that are listening to you.

podcasting on website podcasts

get more traffic with podcasting podcasts

Website traffic from podcasts: Benefits of podcasts

Podcasts are great because you can develop a one to one relationship with your customer, they can hear your message which means that you build credibility as an expert by giving tips and advice. With this you also create anticipation and hype for future podcasts, at the end of each podcast, you can give a teaser of what the next podcast will have. Besides doing this, you can also add at the beginning and end of the podcast the name of your website and call to action which will lead to more traffic, and you will also build a customer database.

Remember that people always pay for what they perceive it has value, they want to have the information that you can provide them.

Tips, testimonials, quick tutorials, trends, and reviews are an excellent way to make use of podcast to your advantage.

To create your podcasts, you will need to record your voice and then submit the mp3 file to podcasting websites. Let’s go step by step. First, you can record yourself with Audacity which is a free easy to use audio editor, you can download it from this website, once you download it you can record yourself. Remember to remove the background noise of your audio to sound better. You can do this by going to the option noise removal. Once you have it, export it as a mp3 file.

audacity podcasts

Submit your podcasts

Great websites that you can submit your podcast are:

Remember that when you are sending your podcasts you want to include your feed title and description with your most relevant keywords.

podfeed website bring traffic to your site podcasts

Watch the video tutorial: Website traffic from Podcasts



In the next lecture, we will see how we can convert our articles into videos.
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