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YouTube Channel SEO Advanced Technique To Increase Views

July 15, 2016
YouTube Channel SEO Advanced Technique To Increase Views

In this lecture, we’re going to learn an advanced technique for your YouTube channel to get more traffic to your YouTube videos.
For this tip, you have to go to your YouTube dashboard and into your channel, you can access it by typing in your browser now in your dashboard you have to go to the channel settings and click on the Advanced Settings.

Over here you can link your AdWords account. These are going to allow you to promote your videos and access reporting you can promote your videos if you have an AdWords AdSense account. You can also associate your website this is excellent because it helps you improve the quality of your search results but here is where we need to concentrate. These are your channel keywords. This basically will tell the search engines exactly what your channel is about. This is a powerful tool I don’t want to add 10 or more keywords just add the three most important keywords that represent your channel. If you add a lot of keywords, you too will notice that you’re trying to manipulate data and you might end up with a red flag just add a couple of keywords, and you will see a vast improvement in your ranking soon since you will get more and more traffic