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YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

December 1, 2018
YouTube Frequently Asked Questions

Hey guys, here is a list of common questions that you may have with their respective answers. Within this list you have the most common questions that people make about Youtube. This Lecture will be constantly updated with the latest information in regards of the Youtube most common problems. Stay tuned.


Question 1: Should I buy views?


No. Don’t buy them because you never know if the person that you bought it from is using a bot and YouTube hates when someone buys fake views. The most secure and effective way of growing your amount of views is by doing it organically. You have to syndicate your content as much as you can, also post regularly on social media channels and gradually you will increase, in a secure and effective way, your views and subscriptions.


Question 2: Why my videos freeze in 301+ views?


This is common in all YouTube videos. This happens because your video receives views from different IP addresses and YouTube wants to see where the views are coming from. After a few hours, YouTube will refresh your video and you will see the real amount of views.


Question 3: Why my videos get deleted?


Theres many reasons why your videos may get deleted. To name a few we have:


– Same audio and same length

– You bought views

– Your title contains blacklisted text with words such as crack, hack, keygen, patch or cheat.

– Mass keyword spam in your description

– People that may flag your video in order to take your video out so their video can rank better


Question 4: Is there any way to rank my video number 1?


Yes, you can rank your video number one in YouTube. Here are the top factors that you must have in order to rank number one:

– The name of your video file.

– Title, description and tags should be properly optimized.

– Annotations and Thumbnails.

– Amount of channel subscribers.

– Backlinks.

– Social Networking Share.

– Channel Optimization.

– Retention Views.

– Natural Views from Google Search.


Question 5: Is there any way to place a link of my website on a successful video that is not mine?


Yes. You can find some YouTube users that have a lot of views in their videos and offer them money in exchange to place your website link in the description of their YouTube video.


Question 6: Why some of my videos get a lot of views but others don’t?


Because the content is not as interesting as in the other videos and most importantly you are not using an end card at end of your videos where you should be placing your annotations. Another big factor is that you may forget to create playlists. Check the videos that have lower audience retention by going to the YouTube analytics and see when they are bouncing away. Try to change those videos and make use of annotations and playlists in order to have a better audience retention.


Question 7: How can i translate the views from my videos in order to drive more traffic to my website?


The first step is to become a YouTube verified partner. Then add external links in your description and annotations that will drive more visitors to your website.


Question 8: How can I increase my subscriber count?


Use annotations! Make use of an end card at the end of your videos. Place annotations that direct your viewers to subscribe to your channel and play the rest of your videos gaining more views directly from annotations. This plays a huge role when you are trying to grow your subscriber account, make sure to use them correctly and you will see the results you’re waiting for.


Question 9: Do I need expensive equipment to make successful YouTube videos?


No. You only need a decent camera or webcam and then spend a lot of time editing your video. A great software that you can use to edit your video is Camtasia. Then for your voice you can use Audacity. Remember use the noise removal in your videos. There is nothing worse than to view videos and feel distracted, for the content himself or for having a real bad audio settings. Use the free tools that we teach in the course, you have them all! and get advantage  of the infinite material that offers you.


Question 10: What are the chances of success if I’m just starting in YouTube?


A lot! It all depends on a lot of factors but you can be really successful in a short period of time. The key is you to have consistency and dedication on your game plan. Learn the rules that will make Youtube love your content, your channel, and gain more views and subscribers with it. You can have viral videos that can have insane amount of views in a short period of time.

Question 11: What are the best times and days to upload my videos?


According to a study conducted by the Frederator Networks the best times during the week are 2-4pm from Monday thru Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 2-4pm and Saturday and Sunday 9-11am.

And the best days to post your videos are thru Thursday till Sunday.


Question 12:  Can YouTube videos affect the ranking of my website?


Yes. YouTube videos play a factor that affects a lot the ranking of your website. Since Google is the owner of YouTube, they love when you use more of their applications and in this case YouTube. Also embedding videos in your website not only helps  backup an article but also delivers the best user experience making Google to love your site even more. Make sure that you embed a lot of videos in your website with their related article and you will not only gain more views but also you will rank higher in Google’s search results. A big factor in ranking your website is the time that people spend in your website. With a YouTube video you will retain more the attention of the user, you will engage more, and if they like your content they will share it with their friends making your channel popularity increase alongside with more traffic and views. Remember, videos attract 300% more traffic than any other format, this makes people trust more the content of your website.


Question 13: which niche should I target when I’m creating my creative common videos?


This will depends of a few factors. You must choose a niche that you know you’ll feel comfortably at the moment you create the videos with the creative common videos tool. Spend a lot of time in YouTube, watch a lot of videos, get the feeling of what you like the most. Then head over social blade and see there the estimated earnings of the niches that you like the most. Also watch the Google trends to see if there is something that you might like too.


Question 14: What is the first thing that I should do after I have created my video?


Save your raw .mp4 file with the name of your YouTube video. Remember that the title of your video should have your main keyword twice this will place you better in the rankings thus boost your views.


Question 15: What are the top 5 things that I should do in order to increase my views?


Number 1: Save your video with the title that you are going to put in YouTube. Format should be: 1280x720px .mp4 format.

Number 2: Optimize your Title, description and tags. For title place your main keyword twice. For your description make a long description including at the beginning your main keyword too, adding also internal links that allow people to subscribe to your channel or just go to other videos of your own. For the tags add all the related tags that you find in your keyword search plan and remember to add a unique word to link all your videos to have all the related videos of your own channel.

Number 3: Annotations and thumbnails. Make use of annotations! This will drive you a lot subscriber plus you will keep audience retention. For the thumbnails spend time creating amazing thumbnails this will increase a lot your views.

Number 4: Optimize your channel. Make sure you optimize the overall of your YouTube channel. Make it simple for viewers to watch your videos. An easy and effective way of doing this is by creating playlists. With this, you can make your videos more easy to watch with the automatic play function.

Number 5: Syndicate your video. Use the power of social media and take advantage of this. You can get massive views if you place a video in Facebook groups and also if you keep posting them regularly in social media channels. Also don’t forget to embed them in your website! This will increase the SERP (search engine ranking position) of your website.